Why Are Some People More Likely To Become Addicted To Drugs Than Others

People enjoy doing very many different things. From eating sweets to drinking a glass of wine to exercising. We all enjoy different things from other people, and there is not always an obvious reason as to why someone might enjoy something more than someone else.

Enjoying things that you don’t get to have on a day to day basis, like a good slice of cake, can make someone’s day feel different and better. Some people like the feeling so much that they may try to include cake often into their weeks or days. This is also the case for those with a substance abuse disorder.

Some people can manage just fine using drugs now and again to help them relax or to party and feel no need to partake in them otherwise. Others end up addicted and needing to indulge constantly with no regards to their health or safety. It’s different for everyone.

Addiction is actually a brain disease that makes people need drugs consistently regardless of negative consequences and can be very hard for many people to quit, because of the changes in brain chemistry.

People who suffer from addiction often want to quit and may keep trying but often suffer from a drug relapse. This means that despite all intents and purposes they end up using the drug again and not getting clean. Addiction treatment varies from person to person depending on their history and personality.

Triggering a relapse is something that happens commonly for many people with addictive behaviors. An example would be someone who is severely overweight trying to change their diet, but if they see the McDonald’s sign or something similar, they are triggered into craving the unhealthy food and then give in and eat it.

For some people seeing someone else smoking can trigger them to smoke even though they are trying to quit.

People can often be triggered by cues like these, though not everyone is as likely to do so. Clearly, enough is though that addictive behavior is all too common and hard to quit.

The brain is very much affected by addictive behavior and can contribute it. Part of the problem is that the brain has its own reward system so if you do something good or pleasing it releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is a pleasure receptor that makes you feel good.

For those who use drugs or eat addictively or even something else, that’s why they keep doing it. Drugs often trigger the brain to release a surge of dopamine that is unnatural and not something the brain can produce on its own.

That feels really good to the user, so they keep using to get that high. Over time they might not feel any pleasure unless using drugs and their brain might not even remember how to feel joy.

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  1. The point I m trying to make is that neither pot nor alcohol are 100% bad on their own. It s just that certain people are going to get addicted.

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