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We have now switched fight practice night to Tuesdays at 7pm.  In clement weather, fight practice and arts and science practice will be at Rotary Park.  During or following inclement weather, fight practice and A&S practice will be held at the Saskatoon Fencing Club. Please check our facebook page for updates each week. 
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Bernice Daniels
on August 24, 2016 09:32
Greetings Myrgan Wood!
We started our chat last night about A&S challenges in Myrgan Wood. Further chats will happen about challenge and competition formats and opportunities. If anyone who participated sees something I missed please add it – I did not take notes due to rain etc
(the B&B have final say of course on any format etc for the A&S challenges - this is just a discussion of which they were a part)
I am a blunt person so I'm going to deal this one straight - When I approached people to enter the A&S competition next spring over the last month or so everyone basically said no and the most common reason was judging. The most common issue with judging was being judged inappropriately - harsh criticism not constructive, being judged at a Kingdom level not a Baronial one and judging without discussion.

Here are the highlights of the discussion that resulted – please feel free to comment or msg me to discuss.
- Lady Lina indicated she would like more opportunities to be judged. Anniversary is the only event right now (excepting Skald the Hall) where there is an opportunity within MW to have a judged challenge (other than the championship). The judging could be optional where feedback is given to those that wish to receive it. Perhaps any attending Laurels could be asked in advance to help with this. New idea just thought of: perhaps we can have a more informal judging sessions as part of A&S night?
- Format of the challenge needs to be precisely clear and lain out in advance so challenger know exactly what is expected of them.
- There are levels that are needed for judging because no one wants to get like 30% on a scorecard because they were judged using Kingdom standards at a shire level. The proficiency, skill and documentation requirements should and are different. This is mainly to encourage participation and not discourage it.
- HE Isabelle discussed a method used in her work for performance evaluations where each candidate would be shown the list of people judging them and would be allowed to indicate a conflict. This would be used if someone did not get along with another and that person could be excluded from judging them. HE Fjall indicated knowing your judge in advance could give you the opportunity to tweak your entry to cater to their preferences. The timing of the judges selection and declaration comes into play with this and we left it as uncertain if this is a concern.
- Judges not having correct knowledge and experience is a concern. We discussed how we can’t find a judge with the knowledge in every situation and even when we do the expertise might not be in all aspects. Someone may have wonderful skills in making leather armor but have never researched what is period and how it was done for example.
- Candidate vetting by Baronial couple – we discussed the idea of an interview with the candidate where they are asked question from the Baronial couple like “what do you intend to do for the Barony if you win? How would you use this role?” This interview can be used as part of the process of selecting the champion not just the pure judging. Perhaps with this method the marks would not be released to the candidates only the comments?
- Overjudge – since judging different articles is necessarily done by different people the judging weighting can be different. It was felt that an overjudge would settle this issue. In our Baronial competition I suggested the overjudge be one of the Baronial couple who sits in on all judging and judges themselves. They are then allowed to weight or adjust judging if they feel strongly it was too harshly or lightly done.
- Judging should be a discussion – a conversation. After judging the judges before finalizing their marks should ask any remaining questions. So if they write on their judge sheet “I wish I knew why they did this” or docked them points for doing x the candidate can have a conversation in which they say I did this because of y.

HE Cadwyn Wright
Friendly Neighbourhood A&S Champion
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