Avacal Royal Archer

Avacal Royal Archer staff:

Royal Archer
Archos Argento Brunkel:

Contingency Deputy
Viscountess Morrigan

Deputy for Target Archery
Baeldric of Newt
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Deputy for Thrown Weapons
Lordship Ellias Silver

Deputy for Siege Weapons
Peregrine Falconer the Navigator

Branch Officers:
Shire of Bitter End - HL Malcolm de Bruce
Shire of Bordergate - Lord Balinor Buccanah
Barony of Borealis - Lord Somerled
Shire of Cold Keep - Vacant
Barony of Montengarde: Argento Brunkel
Barony of Myrgan Wood - Vacant
Shire of Rhuddglyn - Vacant
Shire of Sigelhundas - Vacant
Shire of Valley Wold - Vacant
Shire of Vinjar - Vacant


    Branch Archery Marshal Quarterly Report

    Avacal Change of Officer Form

Combat Archery:
    ABC (The An Tir Book of Combat) 9th Edition (2009) pdf
    Combat Arrow/Bolt Production Manual
    Tube APD Inspection Guide
    Missile Combat Authorization Test
    Marshal's Field Inspection Checklist
    SCA Combat Archery

Target Archery:
    An Tir Royal Archer Webpage
    An Tir Book of Target
    Avacal Target Archery Scores

Additional Links:
    Avacal Tournament of Tournaments
    An Tir Marshals Database
    InterKingdom Archery Competition (IKAC)
    Quad War