Principality Seneschal

Seneschal's Staff:

HE Kirk Einarsson

Contingency Deputy:
HL Kathryn Inghean Maunaigh

New and Incipient Branch Deputy:
Mistress Manyra Thorinsdottir

Principality War And Investiture Co-ordinator:

HL Kathryn Inghean Maunaigh

Branch Seneschals
Bitter End - Rhyannon Akiko Wettenhale
Bordergate - Wentliana
Borealis - Mika Machiavelli
Cold Keep -HL Markus Pheilsmid
Montengarde - William Bennet
Myrgan Wood - HE Roxanne Delaroche
Rhuddglyn - HL Caius the Mender
Sigelhundas - Shinji tanakanoma
Valleywold - HL Elrich the Wanderer
Vinjar - Anoghus of Barra


The Laws of Avacal - December 2010 Version
Principality Event Policy - Nov2010
The Laws of An Tir - Jan 2012
The Seneschal's Handbook '05
Avacal Calendar Policy December 2009 Version
An Tir Calendar Policy
*please note the terminology may differ between the principality and kingdom policies but they mean the same. Please contact the Principality Calendar officer with any questions.

Society Governing Documents - Corpora

    Avacal Change of Officer Form
    Warrant Roster Form
        version 1 (Word) (PDF)
        version 2 (Word) (PDF)
    Avacal Date Reservation Form
    Avacal Event Information Form
    Principality Event Bid Form
    Non-member Surcharge Submission Form

    An Tir Forms

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