Principality Officers

Royal Summons (Officer Position Postings)

Principality Seneschal Seneschal - Deputies include:
-Contingency Deputy
Chancellor of the Exchequer Exchequer
Principality Herald Sanguinaris Herald - Deputies include:
-Awards Information
-Heraldry Site Webmaster
College of Scribes and Illuminators College of Scribes and Illuminators
Principality Earl Marshal Earl Marshal - Deputies include:
-Minister of Lists
-Rapier Marshal
-Royal Archer
Principality Chronicler Chronicler - Deputies include:
Principality Web Minister Web Minister - Deputies include:
Ministry of Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences -Deputies include:
Principality Chatelaine Chatelaine
Principality Chirurgeon Chirurgeon
The University of Avacal Regent of the University of Avacal - Deputies include:
-Deputy Regent (Contingency)
-Regional Chancellors