Missouri Against Drugs works hand-in-hand with the community to help inform and educate citizens about substance abuse, addiction, and recovery. MAD is also a sponsor for several rehabilitation centers who help us bring the best treatment to those facing addiction in our community.


MAD is a host for regular meetings of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous). These meetings are walk-in friendly: there is no need to schedule your meeting or call ahead. Both NA and AA are entirely anonymous.  The meetings are completely free of cost and run on donations from members only. Each meeting lasts 1 hour and is hosted by a member of NA/AA, with no outside influence. To see a detailed calendar with a list of meeting dates view our Upcoming Events page.


MAD invites guest speakers from across the U.S. who are experts in the field of substance use and abuse. Guest speakers come in place of regular meetings and last for the duration of a regular meeting (1hr). There is no additional cost to attend a guest speaker conference, although donations are appreciated. To see a list of upcoming guest speakers, please see our Upcoming Events page. If you would like to nominate or suggest a future guest speaker, please give us a call or email the administrator at tanyag@missouragainstdrugs.org


Missouri Against Drugs is a big supporter of the community. We regularly participate in activities such as 5K Fun Runs, food drives, school assemblies, community markets, and fundraisers. Our members are active in the community and work hard to give back.


While our members are the bulk of our participation in community events, we are always accepting outside volunteers to join us in our mission.

  • Current volunteer opportunities available are:
  • -Toys for Tots assistant (1) and volunteers (4)
  • -Christmas Soup Kitchen volunteers (8)

If you are interested in volunteering for the above positions or future positions, please contact tanyag@missouriagainstdrugs.org


MAD is proud to support the Recovery Retreat on a yearly basis. The Recovery Retreat is a 2-week summer getaway on 40 acres of woods near the Lake of the Ozarks. The location supports 30 guests in cabins, with more room available for those willing to camp. (Tents not included.)

The land is positioned near the lake with opportunities to swim, kayak, and canoe. Other activities available include a zip-line, hiking and biking trails, and picnic tables with grilling areas. Horseback riding is also available, but will not be funded by the group.

Spots for cabins are limited, and reservations are made ahead of time. Registration for the MAD Recovery Retreat opens on January 5th and closes on May 5th. Register early to ensure a spot in a cabin. If you are willing to stay in a tent, please leave the cabin spaces available for those who may have other health problems and be unable to sleep in a tent.

For more information on the Recovery Retreat, please contact tanyag@missouriagainstdrugs.org